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Together we'll package up your brilliance and boom your visibility. Finally, be divinely compensated for the incredible transformation you provide for your clients!

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If you’re ready to unabashedly own your feminine divinity and grow your sacred soul-aligned business, I invite you to book in for a FREE 30 minute CEO Priestess Beyond Six-Figures Soul Business Planning Session, where you’ll receive potent insights to help you seriously up-level your business.


Select your time now so I can map out how to get you what you want with power, speed and grace. Let’s do this! There’s no pushy sales, just a heart to heart where we’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to be. Select your preferred time below and we’ll get you set for your session. Limited spots are available.

Any issues with finding a suitable time, you can email us at hello@womenofimpact.com.au.

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About Prue

After completing a Bachelor of Business, Banking, Finance and International Trade, Prue joined the corporate grind in her home town of Melbourne. She travelled throughout Asia and to Europe, working on million-dollar accounts before moving to Byron Bay and building her own successful business with a team of staff and reaching 5 figures months.

Even after moving out of her hometown to create a better lifestyle, she realised that the ‘way’ of working (the grind) was so ingrained that she continued to work that way even when she had a choice! That ‘way’ of working was using force, pushing herself, having it be hard, honouring DOing over BEing – and burn out soon followed.

She realised that way of working, while financially successful, was not personally sustainable or commercially scalable. She had to find another way, and she did…

She learnt to package up her brilliance in a way that offers incredible transformation for her clients very quickly. She learnt how to show up with heart and invite people into her story, into what she believes in and in to work with her. She also learnt how to connect with her divine femininity, with the depth of her emotions and to use these as gifts rather than the obstacles they’d always been before.

Now she helps other women to package their sacred work into a high-end offer that is irresistible to their ideal clients, so they can serve, shine and sell with soul while they make more money and have a greater impact in this world.

What other divine women are saying…

“I recently had the pleasure of engaging Prue’s services for my business, The Sister Circles.

We are in the process of boosting the reach of my offerings and building an online learning portal for my Facilitator Training. Prue is professional and ethical and is guiding me through the process in achievable steps towards our end goals. She has a brilliant business mind and is able to see the bigger picture whilst attending to the finer details.

Prue understands that challenges that small businesses face and is very approachable and easy to work with. I feel that I am in very good hands and look forward to us high-fiving at the end of our journey together on a job well done!

Thank you Prue. I recommend your services to everyone I meet!”

Kate Reed
The Sister Circles

“I love having Prue in my corner for the marketing and growth of my business.

Before Prue came onto my team I felt anxious and confused and could not get any traction or consistent results.

In the last 12 months, Prue has been instrumental in taking the Institute Of Empathic Leadership to the next level of public awareness, and increasing the numbers of attendees to my courses. I have a rolling calendar of online marketing activity–email marketing, social media and advertising.
Last week I got three leads for one of my programs in five hours! I now regularly do podcast interviews around the world and this gave me the confidence to speak live at my first major event in Las Vegas.

I totally trust in Prue so my stress levels are down so much. Prue has saved me money and time. Anyone who does not have the time or motivation to learn the marketing game in the depth you need to succeed at it, then bring Prue into you team, you will find your business move forward in leaps and bounds.
I value Prue’s services at the highest level. Thank you Prue!”

Liana Allison
Empathic leadership Coach, Institute of Empathic Leadership

“I’d recommend this program to anyone. After each session with Prue, I feel calm, motivated and empowered. It’s been so effective!

Before the program I felt stuck and like my life was chaotic at the same time. I wanted things to be different but didn’t know how to make that happen. Now, I take work one step at a time instead of trying to do 6 things at once. I understand what my priorities are and have clarity around what I want for my future.

Since the program, my life is fuller without a constant battle of smashing my head against a concrete wall. My family life and the relationship I have with my husband is fuller in every way – I enjoy it more, I feel confident, I’m lighter and brighter in my energy toward myself and for the people around me as well. I have more self-love and self-respect.

I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to undergo this program. If I hadn’t done it, I don’t think I’d be where I am now! I’d value this program at $20,000 or more. It has changed my life!”

Wihihani Takahashi
Entrepreneur, Mum and Creative – TOKYO

“Prue ‘gets’ me and my highly specialised work at a deep level. She understands my exquisite brand, has a great eye for detail and is a master strategist. She misses nothing.

As an ‘old-school’ and creative (think chaotic LOL) entrepreneur, educator and therapist I fiiiiiiinally made the leap last year to the online space with my beautiful somatic (body-based) work. It was a risk and a huuuuge and daunting task after 3 decades of working in the flesh. But Prue made it easy and fun! She was incredible during my planning and launch. She kept me calm and grounded and had my back the whole time. Such deep and unwavering faith and support.

Working with her has given me the confidence I needed to not only make this leap so successful but to grow into my vision. She is working with me right now on my big new launch which will be an online Mentorship and Teacher Training spanning 18 months. I couldn’t have done the launch process or run such a successful first online course/retreat for 97 women from around the world without her – let alone dared to launch this epic two-in-one project! It’s incredible! She is a joy, impeccable in all areas of her work and worth her weight in gold.”

Kylian Martin

“Oh Prue, my vibrational levels are on high!! I LOVE “CEO Priestess”! Your whole package is amazing. I love my work but it has become very clear in the last few months that it is time for me to step into that greater part of myself that has been waiting quietly in the wings. I am inspired by your strength and your ability to ‘see and hear’ people, with a genuine desire to help them flourish. I am so grateful for this program, excited about what I have already achieved, and feeling energised and ready for the next step forward!


“Prue helped me to repackage my work into an awesome program that is easy to sell. It adds more value to the sales process and makes it easy for the client to understand the benefits, impetus and say YES to buying it! My favourite part of working with Prue? When I trialled my brand new offer with a long-time lead and converted them to a $20K sale!!! My investment in this program paid off many times over in weeks.


“Prue has an amazing ability to guide and get right to the heart of the matter…. It only took her a few minutes to highlight key points in a program that I’ve spent WEEKS trying to refine! It’s amazing how quickly I shifted from overwhelmed and frustrated to clear headed and confident!! Much Love and Thank you Prue!!!


Just Imagine…

  • Experiencing a dramatic energetic shift where her business supported her on all levels and selling 4 x $2.5K programs in one week, like Megan
  • Scaling up your online presence and magnetism and selling two $2.7K programs in 2 weeks, like Helen
  • Doubling the price of your coaching program and selling the first one in weeks, like Tiffany
  • Selling your first $20K program and doubling your average project fees in weeks, like my client Amanda.

Are you ready to discover this all for yourself?

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